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Is right! Ofcom says Scousers enjoy a natter on the phone compared to southern blerts

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Upvote because you're not a dick head. I'm not so different.

Thing is, when people commit to sending you a message, they often keep their message short and sweet.

But on the phone. Oh my god. Um err well um well err uh.

I nearly lost a job when I had to admit to a boss that I had no idea what she said in her for minute phone call, instead observing that she ummed over sixty times. That's statistically once every four seconds. I wonder if she knew she sucked on the phone? It's not hard to jot down some notes so the call can be as precise as a typed request.

It um would um certainly um um make um my life um a lot um easier um than um trying to um piece together um fragments um of um a sentence um.

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