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I feel that you are harming the efforts to save the Pandas by interacting with others on the Internet. Therefore you should leave the Internet.

OK. There's no comparison to what you're suggesting and what I'm suggesting. Stallman's is a well-known leader of the GNU project and there are documented complaints of harm by actual GNU stakeholders. They are the ones calling for his departure. On the other hand, I have absolutely no involvement with Panda welfare, and no corresponding objections about me from the, I don't know, WWF?

66% of them feel that you should leave the Internet. That's both a majority and more than six times the percentage of GNU maintainers who think that RMS should leave.

Focusing on the percentages is missing the point. More than three people have commented in this thread and the thumbs go in different directions. It is a logical fallacy to rely on the weight of numbers to claim the factual high ground. This is not about democracy. GNU isn't run on those lines. We can say that 24 is more that a few disaffected outliers, though. The ball's in Stallman's court about how he wants to preserve and foster the achievements of the project and honour the efforts of the maintainers.

by your own logic that we don't need to explain why we feel that you are harming the effort to save the Pandas or to show any evidence to back up this claim

You're conflating some points about the weight of opinion vs evidence. I will accept without evidence a claim you make about how you feel. I will accept without evidence a claim that you will not support panda welfare if I remain on the Internet. I will not accept without evidence that I am harming the effort to save the Pandas. I will accept as evidence of harm, a statement from at least 5 members of the WWF that there are sufficient members or valuable supporters of the WWF or panda welfare that are discouraged from participating in efforts to save the pandas because I'm on the Internet. I would take such a statement seriously. I would respond respectfully. I would leave the Internet if that would help.

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