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Either you had a very crappy machine or I had a very good one. For a good period of time I used the DJ500 to print onto pre-printed "forms" where any registration errors of more than 0.5 - 1.0mm would render the output pretty much useless, after printing hundreds of these only a few turned out to be useless.

My current printer is a Brother MFC-L2740DW, which has auto duplex, which usually has a registration error of about 1mm and sometimes up to 2mm. The ADF of the scanner part is even worse - the paper is sitting straight in the feed, the guides are tucked in tight against the paper but once it gets into the machine it's often skewed by 5-10°. The single sheet feed slot is also a bit crap. I mainly use that to print onto cheques (saves me the hassle of writing them out by hand), when the mechanism manages to feed it in straight they come out perfect. Unfortunately more often than not they go in slightly skewed making the output wonky, not good but so far the bank accepts them.

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