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Laddie... the point I made was that the authorities at SE _knew_ that the mod in question was not going to be around over the weekend, as she's an observant Jew and isn't around starting sundown on Friday... and the Monday was also a Jewish holy day, so she wouldn't be around until Tuesday. It appears to me as if they went out of their way to ensure that she would not be around to defend herself, and that they knew exactly what they were doing, and, most important, there was no reason for her to check in on her holy days BECAUSE THE FUCKING CoC HAD NOT YET, AND STILL HAS NOT, BEEN PUBLISHED. She was fired, with what certainly appears to be malice aforethought, for something which was not and still is not an offence, without being give a chance to defend herself, without an appeal. And you find this to be okay. Which says a lot about you.

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