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Costs per page vary by volume

Sorry that was confusing, yes when I calculated last time the PP cost is higher due to higher printer and toner cartridge costs, with lower volumes to amortise the unit costs over. The TCO was lower for my use case because the wastage is less than with IJ. There's some variance depending on page coverage, but it's not that huge. Page volume has a bigger influence. The upfront unit costs on colour lasers have come down to the point where the payback period is not too bad. If it helps, I print less than 10 pages a month, on average.

I could do IJ cheaper if I went the third party tank units, but didn't really need the volumes or want the mess and hassle. I've heard reliability is a problem with these things.

I haven't looked at IJ costs that recently, and it wouldn't surprise me if that changed. It may also depend on which country you're in.

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