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I had a very old Epson inkjet. Indestructible-- leave it out in the shed for a year in the heat, cold (far below freezing, with ink cartridges still installed!), humidity, bugs... drag it in, it would work. Third party cartridges, it would work. What killed it was that Epson stopped making drivers for it after Win98.

So I replaced it with a then current model Epson. Ran through one cartridge set, and failed with an Epson new cartridge, needed new head, and it had not even resided in the shed yet. Sent to landfill, first replaced with a Kodak (yes, I fell for the marketdroid slobber). Well... that didn't work out any better than the 2nd Epson did. Eventually replaced with a Brother laser black and white. Which has worked well now for ages, through several toner cartridges. No HPs, no Epsons, no Kodaks. Cost per unit page is less too, but then it is black and white not color.

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