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I did the same thing years ago too. I went to buy a pack of two cartridges for my HP inkjet (black and color) and found that the pack was $69!! We live in a very dry climate, and they just dry out in about 2-3 months here.

I bought a Dell color laser for $209 shipping included. That was about 7 years ago, and I'm still on the original toners. And, since the printer is 7 years old now, aftermarket toners are available cheap. I just bought a full set of four at about $11 each!

At a former employer, we in the IT department went on a crusade to get rid of inkjet printers. It seemed that many employees would go out and buy some cheap piece of crap inkjet (with their own money) for their office since walking the 15 feet to get to the shared departmental laser printer was too much effort. They would then put in purchase orders for the cartridges. We got tired of all of the trouble tickets for problems with all of these crap printers we had nothing to do with purchasing.

So, we went to the purchasing director and made our case about the costs for all of these cartridges when much more economical laser printers were quite convenient to users. He put a stop to all of the inkjet cartridge purchases. We sent out an email saying that on a certain date, we are going to go around and collect any inkjet printer we see, and send them out for disposal.

There was a lot of backlash from users, but the purchasing director backed us up, and he had a lot of clout. It also won us some good favor with the purchasing director for saving the company money. We had a little less trouble with equipment approvals after that.

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