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I bought an HP 6110 from Costco some 17+ years ago and it ran forever, chewing through anything. Fast forward to about 2015 and I found myself with five one year old HP printers ranging from the $69 basic to a $300+ model, all in various states of won't-print or prints-like-shit. All, of course, had brand new HP labelled ink cartridges installed, some with duplicate brand-new cartridges in standby. I remember distinctly watching the ink level of one of these printer cartridges drop by 1/4 as it puked out the third shittily smeared and streaked color print test page. I remember distinctly waiting for hours through their driver loads that installed a ton of useless software, muttering 'c'mon, all I want to do is print a fucking word doc. No, I don't want software to Organize My Pictures, nor Track My Lovely Moments.' Never Again, HP, never again. I hope the whole HP printer team goes to a very special place in hell.

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