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The locals (in Wales) were oblivious and voted out anyway

I'm not sure they were oblivious. Obviously the UKIP-loving retirees from Brum who settled in what they consider to be the far-west English Midlands were a factor, but there was a majority leave vote in many of the ex-industrial areas in the south as well. But when you live in the poorest areas of the poorest region in Northern Europe, in communities which have been shafted and lied to by Tories and Labour (including 'Welsh' Labour during 20 years of devolution), how do you vote when Tory and Labour tell you to vote Remain? It's a big 2 fingers to them both.

What's interesting now is the rapid growth of support for Independence in Cymru - a recent poll (a reputable one) had 41% support for Indy if it meant staying in the EU! We recently had over 5000 people at a rally in Merthyr and there are local groups springing up all through the valleys.

Obviously a lot of the support for indyWales is coming because of the shitshow in Westmnister - basically how could we do it worse? The debate is moving on from 'How on earth could Wales be Indy' to 'Why shouldn't we be Indy?' - Independence is normal. Hundreds of countries manage it. Of course, after Indy we will have governments that make crap decisions - that's inevitable. But then WE will have the ability to change our government, unlike now. Remember, Wales has never in history elected a majority of Tory MPs! The values of of the people of Wales are not the values of the Unionist parties in Westminster. The debate that is now happening (and largely being ignored by the Fleet St newspapers and the BBC) shows that a vision exists for a very different, and flourishing, country after Indy, based on the values and needs of our communities, not a small clique at the top. </rant>

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