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""Catalonia" - and not be banned? Which planet have you been living on lately?!?"

I think you maybe being a little over dramatic. While Catalan independence is a prominent issue (along with other Spanish independence movements), I'm not aware of any human rights abuses currently occurring against those movements. Potential injustices, but on a reactively minor scale compared to Hong Kong that is close to having an occupying army and people being injured in large numbers on a daily basis.

Someone standing up for Catalonia at a Hearthstome tournament where Spain is an established but relatively small market for Blizzard with minimal on-going investment specifically targeted at Spain would likely result in a little PR and a few free t-shirts to anyone who was upset.

Which is why Blizzards over-reaction to the comments about Hong Kong to appease China stands out. Their future plans revolve around China and screw any other considerations when 90% of your current market is outside China.

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