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US games company Blizzard kowtows to Beijing by banning gamer who dared to bring up Hong Kong

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"All this fuss about Huawei when US companies do exactly the same, but 'Murica, right?"

The security concerns over Huawei have been poorly expressed - while I have no doubts they have bugs in equipment that allow remote access (most if not all of their competitors have these and there is nothing to suggest that Huawei's software development methods are immune from these issues) it relies on FUD that is difficult to demonstrate and relatively easy to prove is the status quo.

The real fuss about Chinese companies is that China is number one in all decisions - if this doesn't affect you fine. Until it does. Disney, the NBA and now Blizzard are examples of that impact with issues around Taiwan and Hong Kong.

What happens if there is a larger regional issue such as a territory issue in the South China Sea?

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