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I don't buy the slippery slope argument.

Open your eyes!

Look at what our parents/grandparents for against in WWII.

Look at how much of what they fought so hard to prevent has now come upon Western society.

And have a damned good look at the many small, insignificant, pragmatic steps we took to allow what a much smarter generation fought to prevent.

As much as I dislike expletives, I'll go back to what I originally wrote for my first sentence.


Some of RMS's rigidity around security and surveillance comes across as pretty selfish (e.g. insisting others access non-free sources for him) and paranoid.

Paranoid he may be, but he is right. I don't see how it can be "selfish" to want to protect others from these things; to continue to fight so hard, so alone, even when the rest of us are too stupid or too lazy to even notice the need to fight and roll over in our lazy sleep and tell him to go away.

"A little sleep, a little slumber..." - it's been said we're sleepwalking into a surveillance society. We need a ton more people like RMS to kick us out of bed, slap us awake in the most uncomfortable ways possible, and actually get us off our stupid lazy butts and fighting against the rubbish we've allowed into our world, piece by tiny little piece.

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