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For Adobe 'classic' users, this is like...

... having bought a car (=Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, etc) five years ago, from the main dealer of a major manufacturer (=Adobe) at full price.

The car requires a special oil to run (=32 bit support) for some parts of the car, but the supplier of this oil (Apple) was always planning to remove it from sale in future, and advertised this well in advance - but no problem, it's relatively easy to convert the car to avoid this requirement.

Support for these 'classic' cars was provided until a couple of years ago, but they never bothered applying the conversion, as they have been working exclusively on their new fleet of lease cars.

Today, our old paid-for cars (some only two years old) will stop working. The main dealer says "We're not fixing it because 'ooh we have to move wit the times or some such platitude' Take that car down the scrappy and lease one of our shiny new cars, for many pennies. Thanks for your business, and **** you."

Most reasonable people would be happy trade-in their old car for a new one (i.e. pay a one-off price for the latest version of standalone Lightroom or whatever), but this is not an option because of 'inane platitude'='we don't make as much money that way'. They have royally screwed us over.

Nice work Adobe!

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