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I'm about to celebrate 8 years of marriage, I've got 2 kids, a mortgage that I pay and gaming rig that costs thousands (from this years bonus). I spend time with my kids doing homework, I spend weekends going around doing general family things and meet friends in pubs for a drink periodically.

I've been paying taxes for the jobs I've had since I left college at the turn of the century and whilst I do have a basement, my computer spends it's days in my study room (and isn't played half as much as I would like).

As for politics, I'm very interested in politics. It affects the work I do for one of the world's largest telcos.

Things have moved on since the 80s that you seem to fondly wish for, and those kind of ideas of gamers are woefully out of date.

I bet you're the sort that thinks we only play fps games screaming abuse about your mother and sexual preferences? If so, please grow up and don't pretend to know better than the vast majority of other register commenters who whilst opinionated and cynical, understand that politics, computers and games are more complex and related than would seem by a quick glance at the daily mail online.

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