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Re: This is all very fine, except for one thing.

You are not meant to know that there's a Jewish SE. However, the authorities at SE are supposed to know that:

1 one of their sites is a very heavily trafficked Jewish SE

2 the moderator who they just fired, over the weekend when she was not available to even attempt to defend herself, was a mod on that SE

3 one reason why she was a mod there was that she is, herself, an observant Jew

4 she has been on their site for literal years

5 the fucking 'updated' CoC has not been published. Still, as of today 8 Oct 2019. The mod was fired for violating a policy which was not yet in place. And which is still not in place.

I know exactly what conclusions I draw from that behaviour. I find it... interesting... that you support them.

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