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"A second ref is the embodiment of democracy. It certainly doesn't betray democracy."

""A second ref is the embodiment of democracy"

Genuine Orwellian newspeak: "Let's vote so many times I get the result I want!"

" It certainly doesn't betray democracy."

While it does exactly that, in a major way. Orwell wasn't a guide book you know?

Re-voting until desired outcome has been reached is literally betrayal of democracy: Wiping your ass with the result you don't like, claiming "it's bad (for me)".

In democracy majority *is right*. No ifs and no buts. And specifially no re-voting until "right" result is reached.

Yes, it is stupid, but "freedom" means freedom to make stupid decisions. I'll emphasize: *Especially stupid decisions*.

And suffer from the consequences. *Then* it's time for a re-vote. Not before. At least 5 years from exit.

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