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"The damage is asymmetrical. It will destroy the N.I. economy."

The N.I. economy is already heavily subsidised by the UK Government, with approximately 30% of N.I. jobs being public sector and a significant additional amount being in private firms directly supporting the public sector.

Looking at the independent Bertlesmann-Stiftung report, the costs for the UK (-€873 per capita) and Ireland (-€726/per capita) are much closer and I would argue that they don't take into account the effects of company tax being recognised in the UK instead of the EU following the UK's withdrawal (the Netherlands and Luxembourg also suffer in this regard) or the eventual redistribution of EU contributions. I do take the point that these are only indicative models and there are likely to be a lot of assumptions that are proved/disproved in an actual scenario.

I'm not suggesting actually going through with Brexit, hence the partial troll - my hypothesis is that if the UK does leave, that the economic impact will likely drag Ireland out with it.

Current Irish sentiment towards the EU is unlikely to match future Irish sentiment if the benefits of EU membership turn out to be heavily dependent on the UK's membership.

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