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"To make fun of a minority of people that at are at increased risk of discrimination and violence doesn't sit well with me."

Obviously your nick "LeahroyNake" tells anyone they must not offend you because you belong to minorities a, b and c. Also possibly d.

If it doesn't, you tell them in the next reply, right?

Reality, where it doesn't matter (*and shouldn't matter*) to anyone else but you, is totally swept aside. Therefore, making fun of you is totally disconnected from you as a person or minority you might belong, as none of those is known. Or need to be known: A nick is literally "something". Even a house goat as far as I know.

Or are you those people who are offended *on behalf* of other people? As if they couldn't say anything themselves and need protection from harsh words in the world, i.e. reality?

" LGBT people are already at the highest risk of violence, descrimination and suicide."

BS. Higher than average person yes, but highest? Not even near :Try ex-military. Also that applies only if they bother to annouce it loudly. As many do, being as irritating as vegans.

"New converts are the most irritating believers". Applies to any ideology or religion.

I don't care what people think or do, unless they try to blow it up to my face and expect me to "respect" them because of their personal choices in life. I won't do that: You've chosen to preach, you live with the choice. To me it's just another version of Westboro Baptist Church.

Respect is deserved, it's not taken. Reality that some people actively try to forget. And frankly, I don't respect preachers. No matter how "for good" they are in their own mind.

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