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Which comes back to the fundamental problem: gender pronouns refer to the physical nature of the person's body, which was assumed to be the same as that person's gender. Now that one can be whatever gender one wants, one assumes one also has the right to be *called* by that gender regardless of physiology. Which to me seems to be the real problem, as the language is designed to handle the binary sexuality of most lifeforms and the nongendered status of inanimate objects, but not "any old thing you can think of". And we never considered that "they" would be co-opted to refer to a specific range of nonspecific genders, so that now we need even /another/ pronoun to be used specifically in the case of "you haven't yet told me which pronoun you prefer".

As for this author, we aregoing back to the old assumptions until the rules are more clearly defined. Also, we use the royal "we" and prefer "His Majesty". With caps. Thanks.

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