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GNU means GNU's Not U: Stallman insists he's still Chief GNUisance while 18 maintainers want him out as leader

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I totally agree but you know what it really is, its that the 18 people out of 300+ people who think that RMS should leave are the same people who post bullshit code that breaks everything, that are social morons, that are ugly (or at least perceive them self as ugly), are incompetent and useless. These people at one time would have left this mortal coil a long time ago if it weren't for all the anti-depressants that they are on.

We are letting mentally insane people have a say in normal everyday dealings. This won't end well for everyone and all this progressively spooging all over the place will end with a cruel dictator/autocratic ruling party that will round everyone up (even the sane good people) and kill them all.

Keep on spewing your hate SJW's, when people have had enough (and we are getting close) you will find out it isn't your right to infringe on everyone else's life. I'm a live and let live kinda guy but as I have always said when it affects me or people close to me (ie: affects me) then I have a say.

Look if SJW's are trying to make the world a better place, that doesn't mean you need to burn down everything and start over... you just won't survive the "burning down" part cause your weak and the kind of people you call toxic masculinity will be the one's procreating not you so they will win in the end anyway...THIS ISN'T HOW YOU MAKE THINGS BETTER!!!

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