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The deep IT

You keep forgetting the claim. The only way to do serious computing. For decades. It's rubbish.

IT is not just the Internet. Think industrial control and manufacturing. Think utilities. Think three letter agencies. Brokers, traders and arbitrage merchants. ERP and CRM. Call centres and telephony. Desktop publishing and media. Software defined networking.

Sure FOSS is making in-roads in some of these areas and it's definitely leading on the Internet. But in most parts of IT&C, it's a proprietary world. I'm not saying I like it; I love open source. I like to know what I'm running, and that I can fix and improve it if I need to, or give something back. But it's a hand-waving dismissal of all the software engineers that work in these spaces to deny they're on serious computing, like the Internet is the only thing that represent progress or the cutting edge.

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