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Re: This is all very fine, except for one thing.

I don't even know whether the Jewish sabbath is a Friday or Saturday, and can narrow down the date of Yom Kippur as accurately as 'next year'.

I am similarly ignorant of Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Hari Krishnan, Shinto and Jehova's Witnessian religious dates.

Why would you assume that scheduling something that overlaps with one religion's dates is bigotry? It's pretty much impossible to find a day that won't conflict with some form of archaic superstition.

I mean, in my house there is a religious mandate that my cats must receive a cuddle on any day ending in Y, and woe betide anybody that fails to properly observe this essential worship. If I can fit work, leisure and posting on The Register around this then why can't others be similarly flexible in their superstition of choice?

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