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What type of interactions are the mods having on SE????

"seeking more attention for the complaints and requests of the LGBTQ+ community and assurance "that the consequences for not respecting members of the community be more explicit, and be consistently carried out.""

I'm all for everyone being treated with respect and dignity, whatever their (label). Moreover, I believe in treating people as individuals so that (label) should not even apply. Maybe I'm missing something here, but aren't SE mods and users interacting with each other mostly online, and about specific technical issues rather than private matters? Given how many people use aliases and avatars rather than real names and pictures, it can't ever be taken for granted that whoever is on the other side of the screen is of a particular race or gender, let alone sexual orientation. So I'm struggling to see where "not respecting members of the community" is specifically linked to discrimination rather than people acting like dicks

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