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This is all very fine, except for one thing.

As users - including Monica Cellio herself - have pointed out, of the 3 days they so generously gave to discuss such a hot topic as the new CoC, almost 2 are taken up by Yom Kippur.

There is no way SE couldn't have known about this, since the Yom Kippur is the pinnacle of the holiday season that's pretty much obliquely mentioned by David Fullerton in his apology.

In fact, I would urge the article's author to at least mention this fact, as it's extremely relevant, giving the goings-on.

In my opinion, this elevates SE's behavior from cultural insensitivity during the original "firing", through Chipps' casual bigotry while re-contextualizing Sabbath as "ship[ping] on Friday", to an outright screw you to the community's observant Jewish members.

AC for a number of reasons, including the fact that this is a hot-button issue with a lot of coverage, and I'd rather not have anyone doing forensics on my nickname/doxxing on myself.

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