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That isnt a bunker. We put our own double glazing into our house. Most companies will probably just use a lot of silicone and expanding foam. We used pretty substantial anchor bolts around our frames, they certainly would withstand battering and the frame would warp before completely giving in. The glass is the weakpoint but you couldnt fit through the door pane, you would need to go through the window panes - thats what the fire department would do.

we dont have burglar bars but if I was a dealer then certainly these could be put up with some substantial anchor bolts also. Hardly a bunker, just installed properly.

Ive seen those police camera programs where some dealers have done precisely that, have a decent installed apartment door with no downstairs windows - it took a few people giving it some welly on the police door opener before the door warped enough to give some leverage. Funnily enough once raided it seemed that someone had just taken a long dump whilst 4 people are sat about smoking with a large wad of cash each.

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