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The immovable object versus the unstoppable force: How the tech boys club remains exclusive

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I don't believe the underlying issue has anything to do with aptitude, simply because most of the women I've worked with in tech are actually in the superior category - mostly because they've had to be to compete with the men in the 'competent' category (mostly for many of the reasons outlined by the article).

No, the real problem is confidence. Most of the women I've met rely on others to supply their confidence, whereas there are a much higher proportion of men who obtain their confidence from an over-inflated ego - not something most women possess.

These observations are, of course, generalizations and don't apply to every individual, but the lack of confidence will inevitably lead to being less pushy (promotions/pay-rises etc.).

So, even if the entire industry re-gears itself to promoting women candidates over men, over time this will swing back to men in charge - UNLESS the women source their confidence from within, rather than without.

Going anon for this one as it could easily be interpreted as being sexist, which I'm not.

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