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High flying at C-level

How many of the men on those boards have any technical ability at all?

or does " a career in technology" mean studying Business and Economics at a private school and then finding yourself a £150k a year directorship at a big company where you later find out , that down on the shop floor what the minions are actually doing is in the "tech" sector , and possibly you should look up the term so as not to embarass yourself at society parties?

I think it depends on the business, and is a large part of creating opportunities and professional development. So in a tech company, an employee starts at the grunt level as a 'do-er'. Here's a project, here's your piece of it, get crunching. Then progress to team leader & pick up more personnel and project management skills, team skills, budgeting etc. Then it's probably a project lead, which means more project management & budget skills, and moving away from hands-on tech work. You have to know what's possible, but it's more important to know how to delegate to turn possible into product.

So that starts to map out skills needed for progression, so tech, project management, financial management and developing those people skills to get stuff done. So employers should be able to identify candidates, send them on Prince2 or PMP courses, maybe an MBA and groom them into succession plans. Problems tend to arise when 'senior' staff are brought in because they have the right tickets, but don't understand the technology or the business.

At the top, that can get even more problematic given there'll be exec and non-exec members, and some of those people will be appointed by investors.. Or the OBN where non-execs seem to collect board positions based on political connections rather than aptitude. But sensible businesses should look at promoting within the company, especially given the investment already made in their employees.

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