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Nah, it is a wire that goes down into the ground the gas pipe coming out of the ground. Not sure if it goes into the pipe or what. It can't be talking to the electric meter because the majority of the gas company's customers in my area of the state have a different electric company. Plus the electric meter doesn't have a radio (I checked the specs when it was being installed and I saw the model number)

It could be radio, but if so it would have to work like my water meter and require a truck that drives down the street and collect readings. Presumably without any encryption etc. so criminals could do that and determine which houses aren't occupied.

Most houses use electricity while people are gone (heat/AC is still on just set more efficiently) and you don't turn off your wireless router, your DVR, various "instant on" appliances etc. and you might have something turning a few lights on/off. But you definitely won't use any water while you are gone. Well, unless you have a drippy faucet. Which I guess could be an advantage if you want to avoid being targeted for robbery :)

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