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As someone who was bullied at School for being too tall and also being adopted.... Going home and school holidays were an escape from the bullying. If however the bullying followed me home and was essentially 24/7 then I doubt I would be here now.

I largely had the same childhood too (apart from abuse by the birth parents) - free to roam the neighborhood. The popular hang out was Jelly Island, which I kid you not, was an island in the middle of a swamp, the only way to get on the island was to walk across a tree which had fallen or a narrow plank of wood. Jumping up and down on the island made it wobble like Jelly... It was probably incredibly dangerous, though no-one ever fell in to it. I'd imagine parents would have had a heart attack if they had had something like real-time tracking.

If we got up to something naughty, our parents knew, because someone would tell them at the house, or phone them.

My biggest issue with this constant pressure that law enforcement most be able to access our messages to prevent terrorism etc, is that we are told after each terror attempt that "they were known to law enforcement" so they already have the tools to identify terror suspects, but they claim they need more.

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