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Forget the kiddies

Kids get used all of the time in battle cries to embrace some sort of intrusion. Well, I don't care about them. It's their parents responsibility to look after them and if the parents can't be bothered, the kids aren't in with much of a chance. There are enough stories in the news that parents should be keeping closer tabs on what their kids are getting up to online, whom them associate with digitally and the sorts of virtual places they visit. I'll even go so far as to suggest that providing kids with fully provisioned mobiles, tablets and computers in their rooms is not healthy. Nobody would argue that parents should know where their kids are in the physical world at all times. Stricter when they are younger and in general as they get older and show more responsibility. The digital world can be just as dangerous. A bit of hazing/bullying and a kid may become suicidal. Not even very much coercion could convince them to slip out of the house at 2am for a rendezvous with an online "friend". A friend they have more contact with than their parents.

Giving The Man® free access to anybody's communications isn't going to improve security. I'd be happier to see a system that gives parents the ability to screen messages to and from their young children with alerts for phrases that could indicate a serious issue. Mostly though, the best approach is never going to be one that starts with the government.

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