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Over leftside of the pond, I've gas, water and electric meters in the house. The electric has always been PL remote reporting (I've been here 9 years now) and whilst there was a month when weird crap happened (apparently you *can* get two devices with the same UUID from the same manufacturer) it is fairly accurate and the one time there was a severe screwup the fellow at the municipal utility that I chatted with (i.e. first line support on the call line) actually lives two blocks from me and had more than one clue in hand. The gas meter, they have a couple older folks (one actually uses a fairly robust walker) who walk about the neighbourhoods and wave what looks like a calculator on a gun handle at the front of the house as they walk by to get the reading. The water meter got changed out, and 6 months later got its 'remote reading' bolt on. Interestingly after they yanked the old one out, they apparently figured it damaged and handed me back about 40% of what I'd paid them up to that point. I don't read meters and don't have to answer doors.

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