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Was most likely neither : EDF is now just one supplier among others (for gas and water as well, go figure, they could at least have changed names), and ENEDIS is not sending their own certified guys, they use third-party companies.

My meter for instance was installed by a nice and apparently savvy guy from "OK Service", which seems to be an outfit you can call for "small" electricity or plumbing stuff, assembling an IKEA shelf, etc...

To be fair the installation went well, but when I read the first letter scheduling the installation and saw the name of the partner I thought "could as well be someone from Domino's with a couple hours training".

Oh how I sometimes miss the days from our Glorious Socialist Public Service, when most of our commodity suppliers (one for each commodity) had "France" in the name...

What ? What exactly was wrong with the Minitel ?? Cutting edge, mate !

/goes downstairs to sing a muffled and tearful Marseillaise in front of his certified-not-to-blow-up Linky

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