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Typically they employ handheld battering rams to get through locked doors, but if you had a solidly build house (i.e. reinforced concrete) and had a steel door with a frame held in by bolts sunk several inches deep in that concrete, and a deadbolt with a long throw that went through the frame into the concrete they'd be unable to get in. Assuming all the windows were barred etc. and that door had one of the "pick proof" locks on it. They aren't really pick proof, but you can assume the cops wouldn't have a locksmith who is an expert on the particular type of lock you have and even then it would take a while.

They could use a cutting torch to get through that steel door (or the barred windows) of course, but you'd plenty of time to flush your drugs and reset the phone you use for crime to defaults and restore the innocuous backup where you are texting cat pictures to your girlfriend. Then turn your TV on REALLY loud and tell them you couldn't hear them knocking when they burst in with guns drawn and find you watching SpongeBob.

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