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Linky revisited: How the evil French smart meter escaped Hell to taunt me

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Mine uses 2G wireless. It doesn't have that much data to send.

The problem's not the wireless bit but rather the meter's are crap. They're just not very reliable. Power usage curves are handy but being able to determine how much power is used by the hour opens the door to billing abuse -- why bother providing adequate service when you can cut demand by nosebleed time of day tariffs (and come up smelling of roses because you're encouraging conservation into the bargain).

BTW -- Our gas meter got remote billing by an add on to the original meter that just replaced the "bit with the wheels in it". The gas company hasn't seen fit to do anything weird with tariffs, it just cuts down on the meter reading. So it really can be done -- there's really no need for 'smart' anything.

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