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Some 30 years ago a company I did a lot of work for asked for a quote from a so called computer company to run some computer cables. The owner thought it was a bit steep to put it mildly, and I said well to us cables are cables and we did it for time and materials. We used screened cables, run the cables hidden as much as possible, soldered not crimped the connections and ran the cables away from anything else like electric. It worked out much cheaper and the computers just plugged in and away they went. Unfortunately the client had already had joe cowboy do 2 computers from the server at his other business and asked me to have a look. We looked at ours first by my lads, then went to look at Joe cowboy's effort, No screen, mini trunking just glued and coming of the paint on the walls and run against the Electric sockets cabling, and connections crimped to poor connections. Even the non technical client saw the difference.

My best laugh was when teaching a council about the fraud of so called PAT testing which is not what was really the aim. I did my lecture and said lets look at the garage ( Oh said the safety Officer I have just paid some agency in Norfolk £3000 to do it.) So the office girls went work. rip Off Reg from Norwich well it says it all within about 5 minutes the girls came up with:-improperly fitted plug, frayed cable exposing inner cores the ubiquitous nail for a fuse, incorrectly connected plug. and also a hand lamp with the ground wire broken off. The Environmental health officer called a halt, went off to accounts, and told the accounts to stop the check and to call rip off Reg to come down now or he would call the police and have him done for fraud. They did their own after that, it was a site cheaper having me come down and show them than buying a pat tester or having Rip Off reg in. how can you PAT test a two wire double insulated appliance, answer, you cannot. over 50% of the appliances were 2 wire which meant physical lead inspection only anyway.

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