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Only recently?!

They haven't managed to fix my pipex email address since I reported it back in 2012. They haven't told me they're dropping it either. Their broadband "service" started becoming increasingly narrowband recently having been stable for a number of years. They blamed my router for not being a talktalk one, which given I tried two different ones, one brand new, to establish my router wasn't the problem I was not happy about. Anyway, they sent me a new talktalk router and the problem did not go away as soon as I plugged it in as promised. I had to ring their "support" up again (at great expense as I don't have a talktalk phone from which it would be free, and you might be getting an inkling that I won't be getting one anytime soon). This time the heavily accented person at the other end stated, as per all the previous calls, that there was no fault on the line, turned up the wick and bingo, it miraculously recovered to the sort of performance I had been consistently getting for years. The smell of rat is strong on this one.

Anyway, I wanted to get the email going again because my other option to do support was through "MyTalktalk" on the web, and I can't sign into that or even get a password reset because the "solution" they used back in 2012 to get my pipex email address back to half working (I could send email to anyone, but only receive it from talktalk?!) meant I had no chance of signing in to deal with them free of charge. They are still looking into this, but are having trouble with my response when they ring me up. The conversation goes like this:

"Hello, this is talktalk"

me: "how are you going to prove that given you could just be yet another of the thousands of talktalk scam calls I get thanks to you failing to keep my details secure a few years ago"

So I doubt that'll get fixed. I did try ringing them back, but the support line droids told me they were not allowed to talk to the people in Manchester who were actually dealing with my problem.

Also, I was paying ~£19/month a while ago, then the sent me a letter saying I'd gone over the limit on my (as purchased from Pipex) unlimited internet package. You sort of assume that that would apply only to months you went over, but no, it's now up to £29/month every month and no cheaper than a decent internet service.

The final laughable chapter in today's saga is I asked them if I could get fibre as my line has never managed the soon to be mandated 10Mb/s. They did offer me an option to upgrade to 11Mb/s, but refused(!?) to tell me what technology they were going to use to do that. It finally resolved itself because one support accent must have left a note to say to check with the customer if they wanted the O2 4G modem and another accent actually asked me that on a subsequent call. The idea that they think they can get 11Mb/s out of O2 in my location where 2G and 3G O2 reception is negligible is hilariously stupid. Anyway, I'm now waiting to see if their new router stabilises in the 14 day training period at something acceptable or whether it continues its slow plummet back to where I complained to them about it being slow again. One more strike and they're out, which is a pity as it used to be cheap enough that you could put up with an MTU of 1432 which their network somehow failed to pass on though any router other than their own.

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