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Linky revisited: How the evil French smart meter escaped Hell to taunt me

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Now is the time to admit that university I lived in a 3 floor hall of residence. There was a utilities enclosure that spanned the three floors. Each enclosure had a door protected by one of those toilet type locks accessible with a screwdriver. (Innocent days). And there was a continuous channel from top to bottom.

On the middle floor lived a total prat who used to play his hifi ridiculously loud late at night.

So some of the godly had the bright idea of rigging up a length of fishing line to the breaker for his room, going up to the top floor. At peak irritation, a pull on the line (running under the top door) pulled the switch up (whereupon of course the loop of line came off.)

He would rush out to the box hoping to catch the miscreant, and find the door shut and locked and no evidence of tampering, then rush downstairs hoping to see someone escaping across the court. To no avail.

It took a little while for the message to be received. He never cottoned on.

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