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Why aren't there more female bricklayers? Do the same impediments apply?

In the late 70's I was working as a operator in a major bank's data centre. We had a number of openings when we expanded to a seven day shift operation. At this time all of the operations staff were male. The only women were in data entry or the tape library and they were day shift only. Management decided that we needed to get some women in the operations area. We had six applicants. All were capable so they were invited to try out. Two refused to lift the trays of cheques that we were required to move around, another two refused to lift cartons of computer paper and load them onto the printers. These 4 were immediately excluded. When a couple of them complained to the data centre manager he asked why they had been put through these tests. We pointed out that all shift staff could be required to complete these tasks at any time as part of their job. We were fortunate that the manager understood the situation. The two who were prepared to undertake these tasks were given jobs on the shift teams.

BTW - the guys coming into the operations area were put through the same tests. None ever refused the tasks.

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