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Should 50/50 be the Goal?

Obviously anyone who chooses a career in tech shouldn't be judged on anything but merit. So if an organisation genuinely has a boys club culture, that needs to be stopped. Personally I haven't seen examples of that in the Dev teams I have worked in, over my 10 years. Other departments like sales, have a much more alpha male culture, but yet there are a lot more women in sales than dev.

The phsycology resarch is pretty clear that interests are not evenly distributed by gender. Of course there are women who have interests that match a career in tech. The science shows there are just less of them than in the male population. I think we need to accept that having an equal distribution of jobs between the genders is not going to be achieved if people are allowed free will.

Positive discrimination won't solve that. It will however create resentment and ultimately undermine the people it proports to help.

I do also wonder where's all the initiatives for male midwives and female bin collectors? The media's narrow focus on women in tech does seem a little disingenuous.

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