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Linky revisited: How the evil French smart meter escaped Hell to taunt me

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"Compromised to what end? So TheBadGuys[tm] can taunt the occupant about their inefficient 1970s appliances. Does it really matter? ... and besides, why would TheBadGuys[tm] bother? There's no money in the taunting game."

One of the main reasons they want to install these things, although for some reason not one they advertise widely to the public, is the ability to remotely disconnect your electricity supply. Theoretically to enable load shedding in the case of emergencies or similar, but with the obvious benefit of not even having to send the bailiffs round when you fancy cutting someone off. The downside, other than literally everything else about them, is that a vulnerability would mean TheBadGuys[tm] can also remotely disconnect people from their electricity supply. And if every single house has an identical one from the same manufacturer, that means TheBadGuys[tm] can shut down the entire country. Plenty of fuss is made about the possibility of terrorists, The Russians, or whoever attacking things like power stations to cause problems, but apparently making every home and business entirely dependent on the security of the Internet of Shit is considered a great idea by exactly the same people.

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