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Scam phones: Off topic but maybe worth reading

My octogenarian mum fell for the decades old "Press One Scam" this week. A cold caller claiming to be a CEO eventually persuaded her to press 1 on her phone to save her internet. Probably cost her, but worse, now she is top of the scammers list. I scolded her for her naivety and she blocked that number.

Tonight, at black o'clock, the phone rang and I answered to nothing. Just a nuisance call of silence waking my parents. And then again 15 minutes later. I take it is a revenge attack for blocking the original number which I don't know, but this number is 08005875290. I advise you all to block it in advance, on your phones and your relatives phones, as I now have. I'll find out the original scam phone number tomorrow and report back if anyone is interested, and try to progress this with my parents phone company.

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