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Hey. Wonder if this would work so my Gen 1 NoIR Pi cam (tm) can turn into a FLIR? If I use an infrared thermometer as feedback and replace the NoIR lens with one transparent to the sort of wavelengths it might need ie >800nm it may be enough. Simple blob of high temperature wax with the right focal length, one salvaged from a defunct Laserdisc player or old CD drive from a car as these have nice big high quality objective lenses to focus the light from the Gen 1 GaAs laser diode.

Incidentally the 5.6mm IR silicon window modules used on some ear thermometers like the one I found smashed in the road do work but the calibration is easy to mess up though the sensor generally survives most things if the window isn't disassembled or pins bent/torn out.

If damaged its *very* hard to regenerate and you need to use an old laptop with DDR SPD chip mod (tm) to read back the chip in circuit.

At least when the inevitable happens you have a hard copy and its maybe 2 minutes work to rewrite the lost parameters rather than 4 hours or more.

As for neural net, the Pi has a fair amount of processing power and I could probably use a Gen 1 Movidius mPCIe module as these are trickling down to the used market.

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