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Governments could use such machines to influence opinions, and are able to generate sufficient amounts of white noise, that seems sensible at first sight, to obfuscate the real picture. ...... naive

More than just governments, naive, have been fielding that weaponised machine since its inception and conception to became more readily available. IT does however, as results all too clearly show, not suffer the folly of fools for more than the time needed to expose and if necessary destroy them should they be proving themselves to be incapable of or even just unwilling to embrace any future running fundamentally different change.

Have you any idea of the present state of play in such fields? It has some interesting ACTivated actors, both state and non-state, looking for Prime Partners with these just being two of them ..... On Cyber ...The Utility of Military Cyber Operations During Armed Conflict and ArmyWarfightingExperiment20: AGILE COMMAND, CONTROL & COMMUNICATION ...... with a similar agenda.

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