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Odd. 33 downvotes in 12 hours, and I wasn't even trying. And yet not a single commentard has stated why they downvoted my post ... C'mon, folks, share! Us trolls want to know what pushed your buttons.

Perhaps you think bots actually did break BBSes, IRC or Usenet?

Perhaps you think a trivially filtered bot can break all of The Internet?

Perhaps a passing flock of, instaface, twitter and/or spammer lovers passed through and the downvotes are an artifact of this event?

Perhaps you think one or more of the trivially filtered, instaface and twitter have already b0rken the Internet? (spammers aren't as trivial to filter, but filterable they are, at least for the most part; regardless, they haven't managed to break the Internet).

Speak up! Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

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