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This won't end well. Microsoft's AI boffins unleash a bot that can generate fake comments for news articles


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...rooms full of paid activists [and bots] "gumming up the works and trolling everyone/everything...."

Logical disconnect: no regulation, ie a true laissez-faire Internet policy, results in domination of said Internet by Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, troll farms, malware-slingers, and bots. Lets abbreviate the whole cesspool as AFATFMSB.

How then, Bob, do you keep AFATFMSB in check? Rely on the wise morality of Mark Zuckerberg? Count on the gentle restraint of the paid trolls in Macedonia? Trust Alphabet to limit its intrusion into the privacy of netizens out of benevolence and concern for humanity over profit?

Didn't we just see an article on the worthlessness of companies self-certifying themselves as "good advertisers," the upshot being that a large percentage didn't bother to actually abide by the rules they themselves agreed? Don't we already know that, given a laissez-faire system, corporate and private bad actors will, as you write, gum up the Internet and troll everyone and everything?

Really, Bob, I'm serious. What do you see in the real world as we know it which actually counteracts AFATFMSB and all the rest -- without legislative teeth involved?

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