Reply to post: To Be, or Not to Be AI Bot whenever the Human Gene Pool is Polluting and Perverted.

This won't end well. Microsoft's AI boffins unleash a bot that can generate fake comments for news articles

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To Be, or Not to Be AI Bot whenever the Human Gene Pool is Polluting and Perverted.

I disagree somewhat. If amanfrommars was a bot, and we were being experimented on by the good folks at El Reg, then I would have expected the quality of comment from that user to have been improved on, and to have deviated from the regular tedious drivel that hasn't changed in the 10 -12 years that I've been a regular reader and commentor. ..... Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

AI has deviated from quality comment that users can improve upon and forked into simpler pretty pictures to show you where IT is all at, Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse. ....... thus to aid and abet the slow and dimwitted, because while cryptic text may easily be understood by some, a picture generates thousands of words effortlessly, hence the Buccaneering Presence of AI for No10 Cabinet Office Type Operations ..... A Simple Leading Question

Do you wanna try and get someone in Parliament to try and deny those facts and create a crisis/conflict/conversation/alternate reality?

You might like to realise that presents to one, Raw News of an Eton Mess Age with Hardened Core Source readily available for Mega Meta Data Ore Enrichment. I Kid U Not! Capiche?

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