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Re: If you could try *not* breaking the Internet

when you consider the activist trolls, it might as well be bots anyway.

'Teh Intarwebs' will survive so long as gummints don't try to LEGISLATE it. Something about free people exercising their freedom, actually BEING free, not restricted on phrasing, linguistics, expressiveness, or use of words that make snowflakes cry, etc. Some places STILL DO exist without moderation, and USENET is one of those. And most of the time the mods aren't brown-shirt fascists. Some are, over on Fa[e]ceb[itch,ook] and Tw[a,i]tter, but that's another topic.

And who said someone ELSE didn't already have a "fake news" bot - or a room full of paid activists, same thing - gumming up the works and trolling everyone/everything on Tw[i,a]tter and Fa[e]ceb[ook,itch].

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