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BBC said it'll pull radio streams from TuneIn to slurp more of your data but nobody noticed till Amazon put its foot in it

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thank goodness

I do not any longer pay the BBC tax, both because I no longer own a television capable of getting a signal* or a device to do pass it on and for Scottish political reasons (I dinnae want to pay to fibbed tae).

*There's an old little cathode ray TV in a cupboard kept because it has the only device capable of rewinding a VCR tape. I can also should I wish play games via it and the PS1. I notified them of it through the proper channels and have to date not been pestered by them. The flickering light from the living rom is the rippling water in the old plastic tank used for raising daphnia and copepods to feed my tropical fish in other tanks. Proper appreciative they are too.

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