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Couldn't agree more. I am also a 6 music devotee, accessed via iPlayer radio on my mobile phone. So I have lost the alarm function, and the ability to navigate the schedules in a sensible manner, thanks to the "improved" BBC sounds app. I had just started looking at using google assistant + tunein to create a recurring alarm, when I read this. Spent about an hour trying to get assistant to reliably play 6 Music by voice command - so that I could incorporate into an alarm - very hit or miss (mainly miss). Can just about make it play 6 music, but (get this!) ONLY when assistant manages to open the now defunkt iPlayer radio app, and makes it play 6 Music DESPITE the BBC sounds splash screen ;-)

Any tips for how to get google assistant to play 6 music on sounds app, and then to get it to do that within a daily alarm, very welcome!

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