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And take a look at the "reviews" on Source forge. Typical - "nice app!"

I am old fashioned, but I expect a review (or a comment) to impart some information I can consider making use of in forming a judgement of my own. However, as far back as 1942 Erich Fromm wrote "We are proud [...] that we are free to express our thoughts and feelings, and we take it for granted that this freedom almost automatically guarantees our individuality. The right to express our thoughts, however, means something only if we are able to have thoughts of our own."

This is becoming difficult as the information we can gain access to is increasingly both homogenised and "personalised" by crude automated filters under the control of faceless behemoth business. So this comment generator is just another small step for mankind. We'll all finish up like the protagonists of E. M. Forster's "The Machine Stops" (1928).

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